Choosing a care home is a daunting prospect, there are many to choose from and all can at first glance appear to offer high quality individualised care. Nothing written here can replace coming to experience just being at Frome Nurisng Home. Please feel free to come and see us at any time.
We have worked hard to put together a very experienced team with a range of specialist skills using our recruitment processes. Many of the team have worked in the care profession for some years and have invaluable first hand experience in supporting older people.
People are supported to feel relaxed and secure within their own home. It is only when people feel secure that they can start to build connections with other members of the house and the team that work there.
Within the Woodlands, each individual room has been designed and decorated by the individuals living there, we also have our very own interior designer to help you make the best of your new space. Menus have been specially selected by the Woodlands occupants and we will do our best to include all recommendations.
Macmillan Coffee Morning at Frome Nursing Home
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