Mental Health Awareness & Support

Mental health is something that may affect us at some point in our lives. In the UK, 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem each year. Even... Read more

Hatherleigh Nursing Home Enhances Enviroment Experience with Innocative Film Projector

Hatherleigh Nursing Home is excited to announce the introduction of a state-of-the-art film projector into their living space, designed to enhance the sensory experiences and overall well-being of their residents,... Read more

Hatherleigh Nursing Home Open Brand New Cinema Room!

The team at Hatherleigh Nursing Home have created a new cinema room for residents, fondly referred to as family members, to enjoy. It has been decorated in a ‘picture house’... Read more

Celebrating a Century Of Grace & Tenacity: Lily Read’s Remarkable Journey

At an awe-inspiring 101 years young, Lily Read, born in Plymouth in 1922, has lived a truly extraordinary life. Residing contentedly at Hatherleigh Nursing Home, she continues to lead an... Read more

Volunteer Sally Hall Launches The Crafty Club

Sally Hill has worked in animal welfare for the past 25 years, but recently she has taken up volunteering at Hatherleigh Nursing Home where she hosts a weekly craft club... Read more

Grill and Chill: Hatherleigh Nursing Home Hosts Fabulous BBQ Party

The team at Hatherleigh Nursing Home have been putting their grilling skills to the test with aprons on and spatulas raised high! A new barbeque has been added to the... Read more

Hatherleigh Nursing Home Unveil Spectacular Garden Renovation

The team at Hatherleigh Nursing Home have been excitedly working with their green fingers to breathe new life into their garden. The newly renovated garden has been completed just in... Read more

Hatherleigh Nursing Home Celebrate Kings Coronation 2023

Hatherleigh Nursing Home, based near Okehampton, were eagerly awaiting the King’s Coronation that took place on Saturday 6th May, united in anticipation and excitement for the celebrations ahead. In preparation... Read more

Grief and Dementia

Grief and Dementia

As human beings, grief is how we respond to a significant loss in our lives. It is a deeply painful experience to go through, and the agonizing feelings grief rouses... Read more