Devon Nursing Home

The community once again visited our Devon Nursing Home, Hatherleigh as it celebrated Pancake Day and the start of lent. Visitors and those who live in the home had the opportunity to make and flip their very own pancakes, before adding their own unique toppings.

Lorna Hunter, Manager at Hatherleigh Nursing Home, said “Everyone had great fun making their own pancakes. The batter making was a bit messy but fun none the less! There were a few unusual toppings choices, but all plates went back clean!”

Those who live and work at Hatherleigh Nursing Home are always keen to invite their neighbours into their newly redecorated homes for great events like these. Lorna said “We also challenged those who attended to give some things up for lent. We can’t wait to hear people’s progress.”

Hatherleigh Nursing Home supports various nursing and residential needs and is currently recruiting nurses and care workers from the community to join its award winning team.

Hatherleigh Nursing Home currently also has room to expand its family. If you’d like to find out more about Hatherleigh Nursing Home, please call 0117 287 2566 or email