Devon Nursing Home

As part of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, the UN has been considering how to build a more inclusive world for those with disabilities. Hatherleigh Nursing Home has been continuing to think about the smaller picture, by considering what individuals’ goals for life are and how best to support and enable them to reach those goals.

The award-winning home is also attempting to highlight how no-one really has a disability since you can do anything if you put your mind to it. Some people are just differently abled, and therefore may just need some help to achieve their goals or even do activities.

The pioneering model of care at Hatherleigh Nursing Home means that those living in the home are always being enabled to do what they’d like to be doing. Since many are unable to do it alone, the team are always on hand to help out with any activity individuals would like to be doing. This could be gardening, cooking or even something as simple as doing a puzzle. The choice of activity is totally up to the individual.

Home Manager, Lorna Hunter, said “Having goals, or even desires, in life is so important to a person’s emotional wellbeing. At Hatherleigh Nursing Home we try to be constantly aware of what each and every individual within the home would like to be doing, and then enable them to do so. This means the home is always so busy with different activities. We should never forget individual goals alongside the great work the UN does to ensure equality.”