The Warmer Months at Hatherleigh

Spring and Summer at Hatherleigh Nursing Home is when the garden of the home comes alive. As the warmer months reveal Hatherleigh in all its glory, the ripening of succulent fruit and blooming flowers surround the home with vibrant colour and floral aromas.

The art of gardening is supporting the journey of life, growing from seed or sprout, nurturing with water, weeding, and pruning through to full blossom, bearing fruits or natural beauty. Providing this lease of life involves different tasks of varying degrees of difficulty.

Hatherleigh is a home to many people who are on their journeys with dementia or have varying physical mobility requirements. This means that some parts of gardening can be more challenging for some of the people who live at the home.

Such is the variety of different elements of gardening that can be enjoyed; whether it’s kneeling, trowel in hand feeling the soil between your fingers planting, or harvesting, enjoying the sweetness of freshly picked strawberries; there are many ways in which everyone at the home can be involved in enriching the Hatherleigh gardens.

Gardening as a Pastime

The garden is an ever-changing area that stimulates all the senses with different smells, colours, textures, sounds, and tastes. It can be space for quiet reflection or social interaction with others.

The Hatherleigh team support those who live there to be involved in the garden experience however they desire.

Tending to the garden has been a favourite pastime for many of our family member’s and the rekindling of positive feelings of familiarity may well be produced from time spent caring for the foliage. It is also so, that for other people living at the home, the real joy of a garden continues to be sat in the warm sunshine engrossed in a novel.

Everyone at Hatherleigh throughout their lives has enjoyed different experiences in their gardens.

We all have our own way of appreciating the multi-sensory experience of a garden and enjoying the natural growth of life within. At Hatherleigh Nursing Home the team enable individuality, inclusion, and comfort for everyone who lives there, while enjoying the gardens as they choose to.


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